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Bohemian Sleep specialises in crafting premium quality white goose down duvets/comforters and pillows. Goose down is the highest quality down you can find on Earth. We care about helping you to have a divine sleep every night. We care about our doonas and pillows - from nature, through skilled hands of our seamstress to your bedroom. Our products come from reliable suppliers who meet high standards of animal welfare.

  • Do you get cold feet at night? We will add some extra filling to the feet part of your duvet/comforter to keep your feet warm.
  • Do you find your partner sleeping in a jumper and beanie and you in light pyjamas? We fill different volume of down to the left and right sides of the duvet/comforter to keep both of you pleasantly warm.

For your healthy and comfortable sleep!


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  • Emma D., Sydney

    “We love our Bohemian Sleep doona! Its super light and fluffy and extremely warm. The quality of the doona is clearly of a high standard, and the service and fast delivery from the time we ordered was excellent. We would definitely recommend these doonas!”

    Emma D., Sydney

  • Sofia M. (Sydney, Australia)

    “Our beautiful doona arrived... just in time for the cold snap! The quality of the doona is even better than we'd hoped for, and every night we've been toasty warm. My feet are finally warm too thanks to your feet warming zone. It's been a pleasure ordering from you, great product and great service! We'll be keeping you in mind for future orders and for gifts.”

    Sofia M. (Sydney, Australia)

  • Peter T. (Sydney, Australia)

    “Thanks to Bohemian Sleep for the warmest, toastiest winter yet. Our new duvet is amazingly light - like sleeping under a warm cozy cloud. And even more important, the way you can specify a split product with warmer and cooler halves must have saved a bunch of relationships by now. For us it gave an instant ceasefire in the battles over The Big Bedclothes Pileup in the middle of the bed. With our old duvet she needed extra warmth while I would get too hot and pile half the covers over onto her side. But with the Bohemian Sleep split warmth duvet, problem solved. Domestic bliss. Can't recommend you highly enough.”

    Peter T. (Sydney, Australia)

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