Goose Down and Feather Comforters Bohemian Sleep premium comforters are made from top quality new white goose down and feathers. Their unique proposition considers bedroom temperature and personal preference for warmth and cold. They are excellent for all range of night bedroom temperatures - from chilly 57 F to pleasant 77 F. You can choose from five different thickness of comforters: from Tropical (the lightest one) to Alpine (the warmest one). They are available in three different qualities of fill: 90% down / 10% feather, 80% down / 20% feathers, 50% down / 50% feathers. You will find what you need - guaranteed!

Comforter testimonial 

"I had the best night’s sleep ever. I LOVE my new doona from Bohemian Sleep. It’s fluffy and warm, such a nice feeling. Can’t wait to get into bed tonight. So glad we found you online. We had looked around in stores but couldn’t find a really good doona. Your promise of a European quality doona with quick, uncomplicated customer service was delivered 100%. Will happily recommend you to our friends." Ann-Charlott P., Sydney.

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