Customized warmth zones for each of you under one comforter / duvet

Do you find your partner sleeping in a jumper and beanie and you in light pyjamas? Do you want to keep the windows open to keep the air cool but your partner is freezing cold?

Bohemian Sleep has a solution for you. It is simple and doesn’t require any additional blankets or jumpers.

Bohemian Sleep will make a comforter / duvet with different volumes of down and feathers on each side. The lighter side will be for the one who feels warmer and the fuller side for the one who feels colder.

Bohemian Sleep will label the sides of your comforter / duvet, so that you can easily recognise which is yours.

Our down is sewn into individual box cassettes sized about 1x1 ft. This prevents the down from shifting and ensuring an even spread of down keeping it fluffy and retaining its isolation properties.

We fill different volume of down to the left and right sides of the comforter / duvet to keep both you and your sleeping partner pleasantly warm at the right temperature for each of you.

You can use our DESIGNER to make sure you get the right volume of filling for your comforter / duvet by providing us with information about your bedroom temperature, and each person’s individual feeling of warmth and cold.

Our clients love it. You can create even more harmony within your family. Your comforter / duvet looks and feels great.