Hypoallergenic doonas and pillows

Do you cough and sneeze in a dusty environment, have allergies or asthma? Does your skin crawl when you think about dust mites? Have you been told that down and feather cause allergies? Well, there is a new research showing that down and feather don’t cause allergies as it was previously believed. What causes allergies is the dust mite; and recent studies have shown lesser amounts of house dust mite in down and feather than in wool or synthetic materials used for pillows and doonas. So, simply put, down and feather is the least dust mite friendly environment.

In Bohemian Sleep we use only the highest quality and purpose-made fabric that creates a strong barrier to dust mites and other allergens to enter the inside of our products. The cotton cover is certified for not containing any harmful substances with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Confidence in textiles.

When the products are cared for appropriately (Link to care instructions), no dust mite will enter the down and feathers inside your doona and pillow. We feel it is important to have the facts right. It is very rare that feather and down cause allergies. It is the dust mites that cause allergies and they don’t get into our products due to the dense fabric covers we use.

Natural and goose friendly

We care about nature and believe in the importance of being gentle to the environment we live in. This can be done without compromising the quality of our experiences.

Down and feathers from happy geese

We know that you will enjoy your new comforter / duvet and pillows more if they are made from natural materials, come from happy geese, and are manufactured by people who enjoy their jobs. That’s how you get the best energy packed into our comforter / duvet and pillows! Down and feathers in our pillows and comforter / duvets come from geese that roam freely in green paddocks and alongside creeks. They eat all natural food and drink water from creeks. They are geese that live outside during all four European seasons and their down and feathers grow to sustain all sorts of weather. The fabric that gently wrap the down and feathers in our comforters / duvets is also a natural material - 100% cotton sewn together with 100% cotton thread.