Handcrafted in Europe

And what is so great about it? Europe is a birthplace of down and feather comforters / duvets. People used to sleep on one comforter / duvet and cover themselves with another one. Popularity of down and feather comforter / duvets led to the development of craftsmanship in many families. All ingredients to our comforters / duvets and feathers come from one region. They fit together well and create a wonderful symphony that comes to you.

European down comforters / duvets 

We start making your new comforter / duvet and pillows from scratch upon receiving your order. It all comes from Europe. European ideas, European down and feathers, European fabric and design, and European manufacturing… Known for their design expertise and love of luxury, Bohemian Sleep can bring you the best of European quality.  

Made in Europe

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