How to care about the down products?

Keep your comforter / duvet and pillows in a clean cover. Remove and clean your comforter / duvet and pillow covers whenever sheets are laundered. Air and fluff your comforter / duvet and pillows on a daily basis. By providing a steady flow of air, your down and feather filling will retain their full insulation properties. Do not air your bedding in the sun. Keep your comforter / duvet in a breathable cover while not in use.


Shall I wash my comforter / duvet and pillows?

We recommend you professionally launder your bedding every 3-5 years and not more often than every 2 years. It is possible to wash your bedding yourself, but you may shorten the life of your comforter / duvet and pillows as home washing machines are often too small.

If you decide to wash your comforter / duvet and pillows yourself, use a gentle detergent, wash at low temperature and use a low heat drying cycle to dry. Put a few tennis balls covered in white socks into the drier with your bedding. Dry your comforter / duvet and pillows for approximately 4-6 hours until partially dry. Finish drying on a flat surface agitating frequently.

We do not recommend dry cleaning as aggressive detergents damage the down and feathers.


How will I know which side of comforter / duvet is which?

Each comforter / duvet that has different warmth on the left and right side comes with a printed tag on each side so that you can identify which side is for each person. A blue dot tag is a cooler side of comforter / duvet and a red dot tag is a warmer side of comforter / duvet. A red feet tag identifies the area with extra filling to keep the feet warm.


I get cold feet, can you help me?

Yes, we can add an extra 20% to the bottom part of the comforter / duvet so that your feet will stay warm all night. We can add this to one side or both depending on your needs.


Where are the Comforters / duvets and Pillows manufactured?

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the European Union - Czech Republic. They are of the highest quality fabrics and they are individually made and sewn.


Do Feather and Down Pillows and Comforters / Duvets cause allergies?

The latest research conclusively proves that it is dust mites that cause the allergic reactions. Bohemian Sleep use only the highest quality and purpose-made fabric that creates a strong barrier to dust mites and other allergens. When the products are cared for appropriately (see below), no dust mite will enter the down and feathers inside your comforter / duvet and pillow. The only time you need to be careful is when you have a specific allergy to goose down.


Does the down and feathers move around in the comforter / duvet?

No. Our down is sewn into individual box cassettes sized about 1x1ft. This prevents the down from shifting and ensuring an even spread of down keeping it fluffy and retaining its isolation properties.