Bohemian Sleep Duvets and Pillows

We are passionate about the quality of our fabric, down, manufacturing, and distribution. We have handpicked only the best quality fabrics. Beautiful smooth cotton, with a luxurious 300 thread count. The fabric has a super soft finish to carefully accommodate the soft and light down and feathers nestled inside. The cotton cover is certified for not containing any harmful substances with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Confidence in textiles.

Goose down is the highest quality down you can find on Earth. It has amazing insulation. It is heavenly fluffy and is durable.

We only use down that comes from reliable long-term suppliers who meet high standards of animal welfare.

Bohemian Sleep comforters/duvets and pillows are handmade with love upon receiving your order. We use traditional sewing machines and rely on long-term experience and sense of perfection. Our manufacturing has multiple points of quality control to make sure that we exceed our customers’ expectations.

We use global courier FedEx to deliver our divine products to your home on time and in great conditions.

Product care instructions

Keep your comforters and pillows in a clean cover. Remove and clean your comforter and pillow covers whenever sheets are laundered. Air and fluff your comforter and pillows on a daily basis. By providing a steady flow of air, your down and feather filling will retain their full insulation properties. Do not air your bedding in the sun. Keep your doona in a breathable cover while not in use.

Washing Instructions

We recommend you professionally launder your bedding every 3-5 years and not more often than every 2 years. It is possible to wash your bedding yourself, but you may shorten the life of your comforter and pillows as home washing machines are often too small.

If you decide to wash your doona and pillows yourself, use a gentle detergent, wash at warm cycle to and use a low heat drying cycle to dry. Put a few tennis balls covered in white socks into the drier with your bedding. Dry your comforter and pillows for approximately 4-6 hours until partially dry. Finish drying on a flat surface agitating frequently.

We do not recommend dry cleaning as aggressive detergents damage the down and feathers.

Premium Quality  

Handcrafted in Europe

Satisfaction Guaranteed