What doona fill is best for your divine sleep?

What doona fill is best for your divine sleep? This article is not about what you should do to sleep better, it is about selecting the right bedding to help you sleep well at night. What you can read now is (1) why to buy down filled doona and nothing else, (2) why goose down is better than duck down, and (3) why Bohemian Sleep is a great brand of goose down doonas   Why down doona and not wool or microfiber? Down has superior insulation properties compared to wool and microfiber. It simply keeps the optimal temperature and humidity in the near proximity of your body and helps you sleep soundly and wake up super fresh. Down is approximately three times better insulator as microfiber. It means that three times less down is needed by weight than other fillings, which means a much lighter, but warmer product. Down continually lofts, and moulds itself to the body. Down also has an amazing ability to breathe and remove any perspiration.   Why goose down and not duck? When it comes to down and feather, goose is a higher quality product than duck. It has larger down clusters, providing better insulation, usually comes from more mature birds and is more resilient and longer lasting. Also, goose down and feather doesn’t have odour problems. If you would like to read more about quality of goose vs duck down and feather, check out International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory articles.   Why Bohemian Sleep? Bohemian Sleep carefully sources high quality goose down and feather from mature European birds. Mature birds have larger clusters of down that make your doona warmer and fluffier. Down and feathers in our pillows and doonas come from geese that roam freely in green paddocks and alongside creeks. They eat natural food and drink water from creeks. These geese live outside during all four European seasons and their down and feathers grow to sustain all sorts of weather. Our pillows and doonas are manufactured by people who enjoy their jobs and get paid fair wages. We use only natural materials, the fabric that gently wrap the down and feathers in our doonas is 100% cotton sewn together with 100% cotton thread. That’s how you get the best energy packed into our doona and pillows! For your divine sleep every night. BUY DOONA NOW