About us

Bohemian Sleep was established by Martina and Karel from their passion for divine night sleep in beautiful bedding.  We specialise in goose down comforter / duvets and pillows. We work with our customers and create products to suit our customers’ individual needs and make their sleep divine, every night.

The comforter / duvet world is no more just about a winter and summer one! Bohemian Sleep unique proposition considers bedroom temperature, personal preference for warmth and cold and takes into account different needs of two people sleeping under one comforter / duvet.

Custom made comforter / duvets and pillows

The idea to bring customised comforter / duvets and pillows to you came when Martina was shopping for a winter comforter / duvet that would suit her and Karel’s needs for different warmth. She didn’t find one, so she simply designed one and had it individually made. It was easy for her to do, as she enjoyed sewing clothes as a girl and remembers watching her great grandma making down comforter / duvets for family, friends and neighbours.