Warm up your cold feet

Do you, or your partner suffer from cold feet at night? Tired of putting socks on when you go to bed? Extra blanket slips off during the night? Can't keep your feet warm no matter how hard you try?

Bohemian Sleep has a solution for you. It is simple yet practical. We make the bottom part of your comforter / duvet warmer!

Our down and feather are sewn into individual box cassettes (let’s just call them boxes) sized about 1x1 ft. This prevents the fill from shifting and ensuring an even spread of down keeping it fluffy and retaining its isolation properties.

We add extra down to the bottom two rows of boxes to keep your feet snug all night through. Bohemian Sleep will label the warming feet zone, so that you can easily recognise which side it is.

Select the option “I usually have cold feet” in our DESIGNER when choosing your comforter / duvet features.

If you require extra down for both you and your sleeping partner, make sure you select both boxes.

Our clients love it. Extra comfort without the hassle. Your comforter / duvet looks and feels great.